“Martin has crafted another engrossing tale of seduction and international intrigue, the story of Nadia, a Russian orphan girl who grows into a woman other women want to be and all men want to have, but only the reader truly wins.”

—David Ward, Academy-Award winning screenwriter

Nadia’s Obsession, Charles Martin’s thrilling new novel, follows his award-winning novel, Provocateur, published last year.

Both novels focus on a fascinating protagonist, Nadia, who grew up an orphan in an industrial city in south western Russia. She comes to America through a mail-order-bride program and becomes involved with an unusual agency run by a retired CIA agent (Olga) that catapults her into the high life and puts her up against powerful, alpha males.

While Nadia had a very difficult young life, she is blessed with superior intelligence and beauty, a “lethal combination” against men, as Olga would put it. In the author’s novels he takes a deep dive into the dynamics of the power that women have over men. The stories are loaded with intrigue, danger, some close encounters with romance and sexual tension.

A brief prolog enables readers to jump right into this second novel, even if they have not read the first.

Who is this mysterious
woman who takes
down alpha males
for the sport of it?


“I like writing
about strong, audacious

Says author
Charles Martin

“The dynamics between men and women is one of the most fascinating aspects of the human experience. For me it was fun to explore that aspect of life through an audacious female and the powerful men she encounters. In Nadia we have a fragile female, seemingly easy prey for the alpha males … but stealth-like, she has a sting like a diamond-back rattler.”

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