About 'Nadia's Obsession'

“Martin has crafted another engrossing tale of seduction and international intrigue, the story of Nadia, a Russian orphan girl who grows into a woman other women want to be and all men want to have, but only the reader truly wins.”

— David Ward, Academy-Award winning screenwriter

Nadia’s Obsession, Charles Martin’s thrilling new novel, follows his award-winning novel, Provocateur, published last year.

Both novels focus on a fascinating protagonist, Nadia, who grew up an orphan in an industrial city in south western Russia. She comes to America through a mail-order-bride program and becomes involved with an unusual agency run by a retired CIA agent (Olga) that catapults her into the high life and puts her up against powerful, alpha males.

While Nadia has a troubled past, her young life, she is blessed with superior intelligence and beauty, a “lethal combination” against men, as Olga would put it. In the author’s novels he takes a deep dive into the dynamics of the power that women have over men. The stories are loaded with intrigue, danger, some close encounters with romance and sexual tension.

A brief prolog enables readers to jump right into this second novel, even if they have not read the first.