About 'Provocateur'

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The dynamics between men and women are one of the most fascinating aspects of the human condition. For me it was fun to revisit this aspect of life, perhaps exaggerated by the contrast between an audacious female (Nadia my leading character), and the powerful men she encounters. In Nadia we have a fragile female, seemingly easy prey for the ever-powerful alpha males … but stealth-like she has a sting like a diamondback rattler.

In constructing Nadia’s character, I looked into the dark world of Russian orphanages. My research took me into that world through the eyes of a friend that visited many of those orphanages in the course of a three-week church mission to Russia. I was dismayed by what I learned. They are desperate places as described in the novel. Children in these institutions have little hope in life. Life on the streets for the gypsy children is even worst. With such a terrible beginning to her life, I chose to give her a genetic gift; very high intelligence. This becomes a big asset to her when she escapes from her dreadful circumstances.