Aline Griffith

Strong, Audacious Women

I met Mrs. Griffith at a State Dinner at the US Ambassador’s residence in Madrid a few years ago. I was fortunate to enjoy sitting with her during the evening and learn about her fascinating life. She had been a spy for the OSS during World War II. She was now about 90 years old, very attractive still, immaculately dressed and groomed. Her mind was still amazingly sharp. I was mesmerized as she told me of several accounts of her escapades, extracting military secrets from Nazi officers using her female assets and skills. She told me of one occasion where a German officer got on to her in a war zone bar. She ran out the back door pursued by him. He caught her and was choking her when she was able the get his gun out of his holster and shot him. Her stories are well documented in a book that she wrote, The Spy Wore Red, published in 1988. She lived in Madrid for many years after the war an married a Spanish count so she was also known as the Countess of Romanones.